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All corporations are created as C corporations. If the shareholders meet certain criteria they can choose to become an S corporation, and avoid the double-taxation of the C corporation.

A corporation is a legal business entity that shields stockholders from being held legally responsible for the debts of the company. Although each state has its own corporate statutes, several states adhere to the Model Business Corporation Act.

A few reasons why someone would want to form a corporation include:

  • Additional protection from any legal liabilities
  • Easier to attract investors with the ability to issue stock
  • Deaths of stockholders/officials don’t change the structure of the corporation
  • Stock ownership is easily transferable

How to Incorporate Online

  1. Name Your Corporation
  2. Appoint Directors
  3. Choose a Registered Agent
  4. File the Certificate of Incorporation/Articles of Incorporation
  5. Create Corporate Bylaws
  6. Draft a Shareholder Agreement
  7. Issue Shares of Stock
  8. Apply for Necessary Business Permits or Licenses
  9. File for an EIN and Review Tax Requirements
  10. Submit Your Corporation’s First Report

We can assist with quick, dependable formation of a corporation if you’re interested in doing so. We are here to help businesses launch, operate, and expand through time. We can assist you with forming your organisation right now. simply Call us at : 201-658-7800


Types of Corporations

Before you start a corporation, it’s important to know these three common corporations and their use cases:

  • C corporation
  • S corporation
  • Nonprofit corporation

C Corporation​

The form of corporate structure that provides its owners with the most powerful legal protection is a C corporation (C corp). The most frequent technique to create a corporation is to register a C corp. The steps for creating a corporation are listed below.

The legal process of registering as a C corporation enables businesses to make money and pay taxes in accordance with that income. C corporations must have stringent operational, reporting, and record-keeping procedures even though they shield their owners from personal liability. Missing out on the C Corps? See a complete definition of C corp.

S Corporation​

A business entity is not a S company (S corp). As a corporation or LLC, you have the option to choose this tax treatment. It is meant to prevent the problems that C corporations have with double taxation. In order to avoid paying corporate tax rates, taxes might be transferred directly through the owners’ personal income. The majority of states acknowledge S corps in the same manner as the federal government and tax shareholders in accordance with those regulations.

Not all S companies are equally taxed because each state has the authority to enact its own corporate laws. For instance, some states tax S corporations like C businesses because they do not recognise S corporations. In other situations, certain states may tax S corporations on profits that exceed a particular threshold.

We can help

We guarantee quick, accurate organisation establishment online. With the help of our services, you may launch, manage, and expand your business. You may trust us to establish your corporation right away.

If establishing a business seems like a difficult task, we can help. Let us handle formation, adherence, and more. You can then resume creating your ideal company in this manner.


The cost of registering a corporation in the USA varies depending on the state in which you are registering and the type of corporation. The fee typically charged will vary by state between $800 and $1,000.

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